Tom Barber Founder, Spicule Ltd

Tom Barber


Presents: Packaging Your Application For The IOT Era

Docker isn’t the only way to ship an application in 2019! But reuse, security and crossplatform support are still key aspects when it comes to ease of deployment, especially with IOT and Edge applications.

We’ll look at the Snapcraft packaging format from Canonical, how its helped us ship IOT applications for NASA and other organisations and how it can help developers get their products to the community quicker and easier.


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I help solve data problems!

A data science specialist and experienced software developer, with an entrepreneurial flair and a passion for learning new things. Expert in a number of open source data processing platforms and databases. I now run Spicule LTD, a company that helps clients develop their data platforms and get the most out of their data.

I am the founder of the Saiku Analytics platform which now incorporates both open source OLAP analysis and reporting.

In my spare time I am also a regular blogger, and open source committer. I am on the PMC of the Apache Object Orientated Data Technology (OODT) Project, Apache Software Foundation member and lover of all things space related.