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Ralf Westphal


Presents: Designing Solutions Before Coding for Mere Mortals

What to do once you (think you) understand requirements? Whip out your IDE, write a test, implement just a tiny piece of logic – rinse and repeat?

Well, in the old days there was a different way. Developers actually thought about their solutions before they implemented them. They tried to find an approach to a solution first. They solved the problem conceptually and declaratively – and only then turned to a keyboard (or in the very old days a punch card).

Sure, nobody wants back the times without Intellisense and continuous automated testing. But there is a truth to the old way. It wasn’t all bad and a waste of time. Maybe even to the contrary: maybe time is wasted today with premature coding?

What if time could be saved by thinking before coding? What if better solutions could be found by thinking about them as a team even in a visual manner before coding? What if implementation could be sped up by designing solutions explicitly to find breakpoints for a real division of labor?

So, why not have a look at some old/new ways of designing software before coding?


About Ralf

Ralf Westphal is trainer, author, consultant, and co-founder of a large German Clean Code initiative.

His focus is on sustainable software development and making teams fit for a VUCA world. Since 1997 Ralf also has written extensively in blogs, magazines, and books. In addition he’s a speaker at developer conferences in Germany, Europe and abroad.