Paul Hutson Pitney Bowes

Paul Hutson


Presents: The Future Of The Internet

We’ve come a long way since the internet (as we know it) arrived, from static pages of text with a few images, to rich web based applications that responsively resize on smartphones and tablets … but where are we heading next?

This talk looks to the future of the internet and the possibilities it holds, describing where we’ve been, what is emerging and a bit of future gazing to where we might be in the near future.


About Paul

Paul is a Senior Manager of Product Development for Pitney Bowes’ Customer Engagement Solutions, leading the teams building the Digital Product suite, including EngageOne Video (an interactive and personalised video platform), EngageOne Converse (a chat bot system) and EngageOne Communicate (a communication hub).

Prior to this Paul has worked as a developer at a number of companies and ran two independent games studios building cross-platform games (which he still does part-time today).

He has a passion for new technology and future gazing to explore where technology is heading.