Max Shelley - Good vs Evile: The Fight For Your Focus
Max Shelley Founder, Echoleft

Max Shelley


Presents: Good vs. Evil : The Fight For Your Focus

There’s an ongoing epidemic of short-termism which may be robbing you of the impact you’ll make over the course of your career.

Whether you work for a small or large organisation, this talk contains practical advice, stories about companies you can be glad you never worked at and a framework for considering the ones you will.


About Max

Shelley has designed, built and consulted on software for organisations of varying shapes and sizes. A decade later, he’s still scratching his head about what he’s seen and is determined to help the community do more of the good parts and less of the bad.

He now designs, builds and runs Echoleft, a fundraising and events platform for good causes. In that role he builds useful, reliable digital tools for teams that need them and can leverage them for huge impact.