Mark Thomas Owner & Founder, Coderus

Mark Thomas


Presents: Coderus on the Ultimate Design Challenge

Mark will give a whistle stop overview of how Coderus joined & helped the British 35th America’s Cup Challenge team work, recover the project and build race ready solution.

Coderus and the 35th America’s Cup Challenge: BT and Coderus design new mobile app to help Land Rover BAR

Coderus and the 36th America’s Cup Challenge: Coderus to create high-performance solutions for INEOS TEAM UK’s America’s Cup campaign


About Coderus

Coderus is a software design engineering firm, based at the high-tech Innovation Martlesham cluster at Adastral Park, Suffolk. Specialising in embedded (sensors) and mobile development, Coderus provides high performance, high resilience solutions to help businesses make the most of their hardware and tech.


About Mark

Mark has been a passionate software developer (from app’s to kernel extensions) for his whole Career, from porting games using his MacDX porting technology for macOS, and working closely with clients building product and services for the public worldwide. Mark has worked with Apple for over 20 years across all of its product offerings, and as well as developing Windows and Android apps using a variety of SDK products.

Suffolk developer community is another passion of Mark’s, with him being Patron of CCCF, and active host of SyncIpswich and leads in providing East Anglia with the only Google IO Extended events for the last 5 years (as well as the Build and WWDC watch parties too). IpswichMakers and DeveloperHER are other groups you’ll find him around and of course dev://east :-).