JP Nothard & Nico Turco Foolproof

JP Nothard & Nico Turco


Presents: Design systems, how we pulled it off and what we learned in the process

Design systems are all the rage and many teams are choosing them to develop complex user interfaces in a scalable way.

At Foolproof we chose to use a design system underpinned by the Vuejs framework to build our own website.

The talk will introduce the design system as a concept and through the examination of our build process we will highlight and share some key learnings, and improvements we plan to implement on our future projects.


About Nico & JP

Nico and JP form part of the development team at Foolproof.

JP is an advocate for accessibility and web standards and Nico enjoys exploring new APIs and cutting edge web technologies.

They both work side by side with designers to deliver modern web applications and engaging digital experiences through the exploration of the newest and most efficient methodologies.


About Foolproof

Foolproof is an experience design agency – one of the biggest in Europe. They specialise in digital product and service design for global brands.

The products and services they create impact the lives of millions of people.

Foolproof know how to deliver these experiences because of their wide-ranging expertise – from experience design to digital transformation. This combined with their ability to inhabit the world of clients and customers alike means they can create the best digital experiences possible.