John Nicholson - keynote
John Nicholson Director And Architect at IJYI

John Nicholson


Keynote: A Brief History of Test

As developers we love to get what we’ve built to our end users, often this is before we’ve checked what we’re delivering.

In this session John will walk through a, hopefully humorous, journey that many within our industry will relate to. During this journey we will ask questions about what we did before, what we do now and what we can look forward to.


About John

John is a Microsoft Certified (MCSD) Architect, Trainer (MCT) Lead Developer, Dev-Ops Engineer and Professional Scrum Master (PSM1) with over 14 years experience.

He has worked in agile environments for the past 6 years in various roles(including senior developer).

John is an evangelist for the adoption of life-cycle management tools and ensuring that applications are developed using XP (eXtreme Programming) practices.