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Charlotte Godley


Presents: Hit By A Bus: How And Why Teams Become Overworked

In technology we have many phrases we use without really thinking about them – yak shaving, rubber ducking, dogfooding. Some of these terms can serve to numb the cultural problems which cause them to become common activities – doing yak shaving often may highlight that a team has accrued too much technical debt and complexity, for example.

This talk will discuss the bus factor, and how its name may have contributed to overworked and burned out teams becoming commonplace. Why do those teams form and what can be done to fix the problems? After this talk you will be able to identify and avoid forming dysfunctional, overloaded teams and help ease the load on those already in existence.


About Charlotte

Charlotte is a backend software engineer currently working on applying devops workflows to Data Science at Dotscience.

She loves playing detective on distributed systems, talking about developer experience, and working to make the team she is in a better place for all involved.