Bettina Rubek Slater Chief Operating Officer/Co-Founder at Pycom

Bettina Rubek Slater


Presents: 3 Friends +1

Speaking from personal experience, Bettina will talk through 3 (+1) core efforts that has driven Pycom’s business to the success it is today.

This is a personal story of a journey ‘from home study to global tech brand’ with some sound advice sprinkled in along the way.


About Bettina

Bettina is a highly experienced strategic marketing expert with a solid background in pre-IPO up and corporate technology business planning, product management and marketing all underpinned by a strong drive towards innovation.

She has 18 years of varied experience gained in international companies planning, managing and delivering focused initiatives and projects leading global multi-disciplinary teams. Responsibilities have included go-to-market, product and business planning, KPI revenue and product margin management, key internal and external stakeholder management, channel and other 3rd party management, marketing communications including CRM, social media and being an active dynamic force for business development opportunities.

Her specialities:
Technology marketing
M2M, Internet of Things, IoT, Cloud and applications development
consumer electronics and Telecommunications
Regional and global strategy, market modelling and business case development
Chasm strategy business planning
Brand strategy and brand marketing
Social media and communications
Product management
Change management