Uniotec Ltd

Uniotec are an IoT consultancy and service provider based in Norwich. We work with organisations of all sizes to create bespoke IoT solutions to real world problems. From local authorities monitoring highways, scientists collecting data and charities managing rivers right down to Scout groups organising large events we have provided an end to end service designed specifically to meet the client’s needs.

We can prototype, build, source, install and manage your sensors and gateways as well as providing innovative software solutions to access and understand your data. Our hub platform allows you to share data insights with your team and monitor your IoT infrastructure.

Our LoRaWAN networks and devices can give years of service on a single battery and up to 15km range. The radio signals also penetrate buildings well making LoRaWAN and ideal fit for facilities management and smart building systems. Community network deployments such as The Things Network mean you can get started with as little as one device.

Take a look at our website for some more examples of IoT use cases and get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.